The celebration was held with the participation of representatives from different local authorities, local universities, Nghe An Friendship Organizations Union, Viet-Lao Friendship Organization of Nghe An Province, Viet-Thai Friendship Organization of Nghe An Province and representatives of Vinh University’s directorate and related divisions. All Lao and Thai students at Vinh University joined the celebration.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh expressed his best wishes to Lao and Thai students on their national day.

By giving a speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh emphasized the historical significations of Lao independence’s day (December 2nd, 1975), an important political event which marked a new era of Lao people’s independence. During the past 41 years, Lao people have been proud of their great victory against invaders. This victory was supported by the Vietnamese government. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh also highlighted special friendship between Lao PRD and Vietnam founded by Lao President Kayson Phomvihan, Prince Souphanouvong and Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh. Despite the sabotage of hostile forces, two governments always stay loyal to each other to protect this special and typical relationship.

For Thailand, the national day is not happy day because King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away. The ceremony was held in memory of the King who reigned the country for the longest duration in the world, a talented and powerful politician, which demonstrated Thai people’s connection. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh once again confirmed that friendship and cooperation relations between Vietnam and Thailand were upgraded to strategic partners.


MA. Sivone Ruevaibounthavy – Leader of Lao students gave a talk at the celebration.

On this special occasion, representatives of Vinh University wish that all international students focus more on their studies and improve their behavior quality together with Vietnamese students to become “ASEAN citizens”.

The directorate of Nghe An Friendship Organizations Union, Viet-Lao Friendship Organization and Vinh University granted rewards, certificates of merit and scholarships to students.

Written and photos by HN